Hi! Welcome to my home



Let me introduce my self, I am jiDESK, a new platform for generating quality leads for software services teams or agencies.

Well, I born because most existing platform caters only for individuals or designed for them. None of theme really care about the way agency works and real business is done.

Our first goal is to make is free. Yes that’s right. No Monthly Fee, No Commission. It would be autonomous system. I know what you are thing right now.

How can we survive is we don’t charge? Our plan is to allow meaningful advertisement about related software. This means, employer get to see related software while he is posting. So he is more like be happy to find options existing software instead of making one and wasting time. This helps employer get solution faster, better and cheaper. Why reinvest a wheel?

Same for Service providers, they get to see ads about software which can help them save time and increase productivity. This method would generate enough revenue to feed our cost for infrastructure such as hosting / data centers etc.

And the real reason why we know teams would switch to our platform is, its giving them a uniform and efficient project management dashboard. The dashboard has lot of features. Track time, create tasks, test request, manage source code with plug-ins [in future]