I have Project
  1. Post project and get bids only from verified companies/agencies.
  2. Track your project like pro with project management dashboard. Create tasks milestones and see what developers are working on real-time.
  3. No payment restrictions. Use the payments system you like. We don't want to track your payments either.
  4. Here, your find teams get everything done at one place. There is no need to be expert to make your work done.
I have Team
  1. Totally Free. No commission or any hidden charges.
  2. No communication gap. All the communication could be made via Skype, Whatsapp, Email or our built-in messaging system.
  3. Unlimited proposal allowed. Never miss any project.
  4. Fully functional Project Management Dashboard including features like tasks/calendars, milestones, invoices, status reports, time tracking, client feedback, review system and project documentation.