Why jiDESK

JiDesk is a project management portal for today's complex workplace, especially for organizations. It offers full-fledged tools and team of expert professionals for developing your business for all kinds of project ranging from big or small and short or ongoing.

Time Tracking
  • Allow users to record time spent on tasks
  • Used by employees and employers in many industries
  • Used for professionals who bill their customers on hourly basis
Internal Messaging
  • Allows users to communicate from the system.
  • Beneficial for online communication while working
  • Allow communication between client and user
Planning & Scheduling
  • Visual agile planning boards to manage product backlog of stories, tasks and defects
  • Project estimation and actual effort tracking with integration timesheets.
  • Prioritize and schedule requirements for each release.
Payment Terms
  • Offers unique experience of payments to be done in any ways
  • Easy payments with refund policy due to any technical fault
  • No restriction on any payment method
Organize your work
  • Organize and prioritize hundreds of projects and tasks in a single view
  • Prioritize high-level, long-term and short term project
  • Organize your work and resources according to your project
Project Management
  • Manage an unlimited number of projects, releases & iterations.
  • Centralized document management repositories with visioning and tagging.
  • Manage resources level to deliver required features.
Unlock the Data Hidden in Your Project
  • Analyze the portfolio for resource requirements
  • Track the costs and profits of the project
  • Track pending, approved and active projects
Reporting & Tracking
  • Customizable dashboard of key project information.
  • Flexible and customizable issue tracking with user-defined workflows.
  • Track project velocity, burn down and burn up agile methodology