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How are we different?

Thats most important questions.

  1. We are real professional community only for organised teams. No space for amateur programmers.
  2. The average cost of lead on other platform is around 10-15% of total project budget. We dont charge for leads.
  3. We have more fetaures to support large teams such as team roles
  4. World class Project and Task management system with real time timer tracker.
  5. Freedom is what you will like. No Restriction on your collaboration tools.



How we ensure Quality?

This platform is only for agencies and companies. And there is place for unprofessional behavior. We shall ensure Team with Good ethics and skills would be we verified and get more opportunities.

Also, the verification status of a company is not permanent, it must be updated annually. It would ensure companies are in business and didn't change their prime focus of work. It also eliminate lifetime verified status from profiles making them match their current real status. The verification would cost $99.



Why dont we charge commission like other portals?

We dont need commission as we don't want to be involved in payment transactions. Also, we want to build safe community only for verified companies and they should be bothered for commission.