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Bulk Message Sender Closed

What is try to do is, a web app marketing tool that help me to add thousands of numbers and send message with image and file and doc to this numbers, I can also select random number or select all number and make this number in groups so I can select one or more group to, I want to send this messages to many message app, telegram, WhatsApp, SMS, Viber or Facebook or twitter.

For example, If the number have this message app the system will send the message and if not it will not send.

When I want to send message I want to send for all channel I have or just one (I mean just Facebook or twitter or telegram or both).

After send message I want to analytic the send process. like

1-how much messages is send per day, month, year

2-how much messages send for particular message app or social media.

3- much messages arrive and not arrive, send or not send.

4-how much message that the people reply on it and how much is not,

5-how much message that seen by people

With report download about analytic,

So in general its message app with ability to send message to group of people and analytic the message send process and

This is in general

i just imagine the app in the picture in the attachment

Budget: $2,500

Posted On: July 18, 2017 13:28 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, MongoDB, Node.js, PHP, Web Design
Country: United Arab Emirates
ID83605 TitleBulk Message Sender
TypeHourly Budget$2-$5
Is PrivateNo Created On9 months ago