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Hadoop Streaming Project Closed

Create a streaming analytics datflow with an open source tool called Streaming Analytics Manager (SAM​) - part of the HDF3​ suite of

tools from Hortonworks​. SAM builds a system for streaming analytics using the scalable, resilient streaming technology called "Apache Storm". Normally writing in Storm requires significant Java software development expertise, but SAM promises to keep this to a minimum.

●Kafka for storing events in a publish/subscribe style 'message queue'.

● Storm for processing events

● Ambari for administration of the live system

● SAM for designing and implementing Storm processes.

● Scheme Registry, see

and optionally

● NiFi for transferring data around securely (though this may not be needed if done by the web plugin instead)

Posted On: July 18, 2017 13:12 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Other - Software Development
Skills: Big Data, Hadoop, Linux System Administration, PostgreSQL Administration, SQL
Country: United Kingdom
ID83595 TitleHadoop Streaming Project
TypeFixed Budget$51-$500
Is PrivateNo Created On9 months ago