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Magento Shipping Module & Site Speed Optimization Closed

I need the following

Shipping Module

Shipping File (Matrix Rates)

We have a standard Shipping file which we already upload on the admin site and it contain 1 or more than 1 shipping options

For example, UK

Standard Shipping time: 4 days

Expedite Shipping time: 2 days

So this is only related to shipping time.

Daily Stock File (with Handling Time)

Handling time column

So the Shipping time (Shipping time + Handling time) should appear on Product Page, Shopping Cart and One Step Checkout Page bases on IP address

For example, if a customer checks a product from UK then first the system cross check the IP of the customer in order to detect the Country and then took the shipping time and handling time for the respective country from the file and then appear on product page

For example for UK

Shipping time: Deliver by July 26 in UK

Shipping Fees: Free Shipping

(If there are more than 1 shipping methods then it should take the cheapest one for calculating the Shipping time and Fees)

(If the time is before 16:00 (Amsterdam Time) then it should count the shipping time from the same day otherwise add an extra day)

Shipping Message should be customizable for different countries in order to appear on different store views.

And then the Site Speed Optimization with

Desktop Speed:    95

Mobile Speed:       90

Budget: $700

Posted On: July 18, 2017 11:52 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Ecommerce Development
Country: Netherlands
ID83531 TitleMagento Shipping Module & Site Speed Optimization
TypeFixed Budget$501-$1000
Is PrivateNo Created On9 months ago