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Application management calendar/drobpox/notification email and text Closed

I am selling boat in USA we have over 300 boats for sale so if buyer call and I am in Miami I can set up an appointment in Tampa so I want to create on my application the appointment then all the sales representative in the area selected will receive an notification to get the appointment and the first accept get the appointment and receive all details. Only the sales representative can use this application so when he accept the invitation the events will be automatically add to his calendar with alert. We can add file on the events from dropbox (will be the boat file)

Budget: $300

Posted On: July 18, 2017 03:32 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Mobile Development
Skills: Android App Development, Apple Xcode, iPhone App Development, Mobile App Development
Country: United States
ID83223 TitleApplication management calendar/drobpox/notification email and text
TypeFixed Budget$51-$500
Is PrivateNo Created On9 months ago