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C / C++ / GLSL / HLSL update chroma key video filter to add alpha channel pixel transparency Open

GLSL HLSL video filter modification to OBS Studio 64 Bit. Must perform at 4K 60p video resolutions and frame rate from 10+bit sources.

The current chroma key implementation for green screen / blue screen compositing only takes pixels of one colour and their similar colours set by tolerance values named 'Similarity' and 'Smoothness' and makes them 100% transparent with no discrimination for colour tint and partial transparency of the output image with an alpha channel.

Currently the filter removes the chroma key colours completely along with any colours that are are in the 'Similar' tolerance range.  However these similar colours need their chroma key colour components partly removing relative to their similarity and replacing with a percentage of alpha transparency relative to their calculated colour taking into account the chroma key colour and similarity. This will create a smoother transition between edges, remove chroma colour outline artifacts and also remove colour contamination from and semi-transparent objects and prevent them from disappearing altogether or making them shimmery or spotty like with the current implementation.

An example of the modification needed can be seen in the Keylight After Effects plugin video on YouTube here:

Budget: $300

Posted On: March 23, 2018 21:40 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Desktop Software Development

Skills: C++, GLSL
Country: United Kingdom
ID134247 TitleC / C++ / GLSL / HLSL update chroma key video filter to add alpha channel pixel transparency
TypeFixed Budget$51-$500
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