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SharePoint Online Records and Content Management setup Open

I am trying to setup a simple Records management scheme but seem to be running into all kinds of issues.

I have sites with a few document libraries each. (more accurately, I am trying to get a prototype going)

I want to allow the user to mark a file as a record in place (Got that to work)

I then want to copy that file to a "records" repository, either inside that site (and maybe later to a central archive)


Copy the file directly to the Archive site, but in a manner where the archive location reflects to original site "path" (i.e site-library-[folder|docset]

(note: have custom (managed metadata] columns and a custom word, excel, and ppt type, but nothing more fancy than that.)

The MS Support has more or less told me that their content type system is not operational.

Do you think you can help me set that up?

Posted On: March 23, 2018 21:30 UTC
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Skills: Microsoft SharePoint Administration, Microsoft SharePoint Development
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ID134237 TitleSharePoint Online Records and Content Management setup
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