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Hiring programmers to label open-source projects by category for a research study Open

Looking for well-rounded programmers to tag a collection of 100 open-source projects by choosing the most appropriate, pre-defined labels. Participants will be given the name, description, and source code of each project to quickly look through before deciding upon the labels. Fluency in English is important, as the project descriptions are all in English. Additionally, the majority of projects will contain C/C++ code, so familiarity with those languages is required.

All work will be done through a web interface. Upon being chosen to participate, you will be given access to the project-tagging portal. On each page, you will be shown a project and a collection of tags. You will spend approximately 2-4 minutes examining each project and choosing the most appropriate label(s). You will be compensated for your time spent labeling projects.

Some projects may take more or less time to label. There may be ones from which the category can simply be determined from the title and description. Others may require digging through the project's directories and/or reviewing the source code. We are looking for individuals with a well-rounded background who will be able to accurately label these projects as efficiently as possible.

Posted On: March 23, 2018 17:50 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Desktop Software Development

Skills: C, C++
Country: United States
ID134063 TitleHiring programmers to label open-source projects by category for a research study
TypeFixed Budget$1001-$10000
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