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URL Rewriting/Rerouting for Dynamic Classic ASP website Open

Looking for someone with experience in URL Rewriting/Rerouting in a dynamic Classic ASP environment.

This is what I posted on the IIS forum website to request help and it still stands as unanswered:


Rewrite rule that finds the decription of the ID from the database and displays it as a friendly...

Hello, I really have searched for an answer to this but my knowledge of SQL, databases, Rewrite Modules is by no means extensive so I apologise if I am asking something that has an obvious solution.

My website has a built in search facility which can query the database for combinations of up to three variables.

So I can have a returned URL that reads: http://www.mysite/Display_Results.asp?cboService=248&cboCountry=123&cboRegion=646

I could have: http://www.mysite/Display_Results.asp?cboService=487

I could have: http://www.mysite/Display_Results.asp?cboService=248&cboCountry=123

or any number of combinations of ID's

I have successfully created a rewrite rule that will return http://www.mysite/248/123/646 but that's only half of it.

Service ID 248 in the database = boatsales

Country ID 123 in the database = uk

Region ID 646 in the database = essex

In my mind creating a friendly or man-readable URL would be http://mysite/boatsales/uk/essex.

Anyone out there come across this in their Classic ASP website and does any one know how I begin to tackle this please?

Budget: $100

Posted On: March 23, 2018 15:20 UTC
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Country: United Kingdom
ID133925 TitleURL Rewriting/Rerouting for Dynamic Classic ASP website
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