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Robotics Software Engineer (C++, Python, ROS, Robotics) - Experienced robotics software engineer Open

I'm looking for an experienced robotics software engineer (C++, Python, ROS) with a passion and experience (with examples) of working in robotics and particularly evidence of your projects using ROS.

You will be working alongside our existing people to review and re-architect our existing robotics software platform for modularity and scale.  We're exploring how to transition from our existing monolithic and proprietary code base to an object-based/service-based architecture, with clean APIs to allow us and third parties to more easily understand and customise or augment our software platform.  That may be to add new tools or sensors (e.g. hot swap / hot plug new devices, or even develop their custom control unit leveraging a published set of motor control APIs.

We're very interested in ROS (, Robot OS, Robot Operating System) and how that may help us achieve our goals, so we're especially interested in people with that knowledge and experience.  We're prepared to be challenged in our vision and ideas: is the right way to go? If so, why? If not, why not? What alternatives do you suggest?

Ideally UK-based, London /South-East / M3 / M4 / Surrey / Hampshire / Berkshire / Bucks so we can get all together.

Ideally, as a bonus, you'll also have some robotics electronics engineering and design skills, for example motor controllers, sensor and tool control, data processing, power and battery management, SLAM, AR, etc.

Posted On: March 23, 2018 14:10 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Other - Software Development

Skills: API Development, C++, MATLAB, Open Source, PHP, Python, Robot Framework, Robotics
Country: United Kingdom
ID133873 TitleRobotics Software Engineer (C++, Python, ROS, Robotics) - Experienced robotics software engineer
TypeHourly Budget$16-$50
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