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Multiplayer game for mobiles Open

Its about a top-down shooter game with IAP and Admob.

When the player open the app navigate to first layout witch you can put your nickname and press join.

After your navigate to the 2nd layout and choose if you want to play 1v1 2v2 4v4 or 1v4.

At the same layout you have to choose what weapon you can carry during gameplay.You can carry a big gun,a small gun and 2 bombs or a throwing knife.

So, there is a list with 8 big guns, another list with 8 small guns and the last list the bombs or the knife.

After you select what guns you want to carry and what mode you want to play you press start and join the room.

If no players in the room rou wait until the room is full and then start the fight.

The game ends if for 1v1 the first who make 10 kills.

for 2v2 the first team who complete 30 kills and etc.

From wins you earn coins and xp points who help you unlock guns and upgrade them.

IAP you can buy coins and xp points.

Ads can show for each player who end the game,interstitial or video 15sec.

I want if possible to make this to construct 2 .

Budget: $3,000

Posted On: March 23, 2018 13:40 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Mobile Development

Skills: Android App Development, Game Development, Graphic Design, HTML5, iPhone App Development
Country: Cyprus
ID133841 TitleMultiplayer game for mobiles
TypeHourly Budget$2-$5
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