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System for Automating Influencer marketing tasks - Service Offering Platform Open

We are looking to Automate a set of activities which we usually do manually at this point ..

In future we also plan to expand this as a service so we need a system that can help us run things more efficiently..

For the First Service:

So overall the work is Influencer marketing - Which is reaching out to Blog owners, websites, Youtube channels and asking them to test products and then review them on their channel.

So the basic steps is

1) Research Phase - we use tools for this service - So this is already automated - Can look at API integration with such tools

2) Now suppose youtube channels are being searched for - We will then maintain everything in excel - Which will capture channel details, country, Shipping details and date, Follow Up dates, Review link

System Requirements::

> We want to create a system that can capture such details and then properly categorise as per rules we set ..

> Allow us to email them in bulk or single as required

> Have the ability to create Customer accounts so we can launch this as a service

> Ability to add more Services in future

> Payment gateway to get paid

> Security is critical

> Front End of Website

We want to hire a team who can help us build a system around everything and make improvements in the process as we go along .. Someone who can understand the entire concept and guide us how to achieve it technically.

Posted On: March 23, 2018 09:40 UTC
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ID133664 TitleSystem for Automating Influencer marketing tasks - Service Offering Platform
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