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Crestron A/V System Expansion Open

Our Crestron system was installed about 3 years ago using an ad-hoc MC3 control program.  Since that time we've had expansions to the system and would like to update the programming to be able to leverage these new additions.  Attached is an overall wiring diagram of the final installation.

A few important notes about the project:

- There is no desire to keep the existing program.  It was developed ad-hoc and is not extremely robust or useful

- We would want this developed in C# due to its flexibility and portability

- We would like some flexibility in the configuration - for example, the ability to change input and zone names or the ability to add or change the displays (not all displays are deployed).

- Graphical interfaces are needed for the TSR-302s and TSW-752s

- The programmer will provide all source code as part of the project.

- All devices have been updated to the latest version of firmware released by Crestron

Posted On: February 11, 2018 17:57 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Other - Software Development

Skills: C#, Graphic Design, User Interface Design
Country: United States
ID129090 TitleCrestron A/V System Expansion
TypeFixed Budget$501-$1000
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