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Develop a single page UI/UX for tutorial Open

I'm building a website that will be used to teach people English.  The project is using Bootstrap and jQuery.  Currently I need a page that will show users a word, will read it out loud and will ask them which sound did they hear.  I have a prototype, but I'm not satisfied with it's quality (UX-wise).

Basically you will need to upgrade "Hearing the Difference" section.

I think you will need to add an indicator showing how many words did a person get correctly (maybe even last 10 words in red/green depending if correct or incorrect -- but that's up to you).  People should be able to move to the next section if they don't have 10 correct words in a row, but maybe with a warning or something.

I have recordings of sounds to play if user guesses correctly and incorrectly (correct-2.ogg and incorrect-2.ogg).  If possible (and it makes sense) I'd like to incorporate them (i'll probably replace them with something more suitable).

I would also need a placeholder to be able to submit results to the server later (to be able to track progress).  Currently I don't have a backend, but I'd want to be able to post an update saying that this user made a mistake or was correct.

Posted On: September 15, 2017 10:00 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: JavaScript, jQuery
Country: United States
ID128993 TitleDevelop a single page UI/UX for tutorial
TypeHourly Budget$2-$5
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