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Need Magento 1.9 Consulting for creating tourism database Open

This is a consulting job, consisting of us talking on skype with a shared screen so I can explain the idea, you thinking about it and then us talking again on skype/phone to get your opinion. Total working time: Tell me, maybe 1h/2h?

We are running a web page,, on Magento

Here, we sell trips on Ships on the Galapagos Islands (like that take different itineraries. For example, ship Petrel will have an 8 Day itinerary that you can be part of (this is the product). This itinerary goes from Vistor Point A on Island A where Animals 1,2,3,4 can be seen to Visitor Point B on Island A where Animals 2,4,5,6 can be seen to Visitor Point C on Island B where Animals 7,8,1,10 can be seen.

Now, we want to create in Magento:

a- a database for all the 8 different islands

b- a database for all visitor points on the 8 differnt islands

c- a database for all animals that can be seen on these visitor points

My questions:

a- Is there a good plugin for this kind of thing? our products are the itineraries on the ships, not the ships themselves nor the animals nor the visitor points nor the islans

b- How should we set this up in Magento?

Looking forward to your input!

Posted On: September 15, 2017 09:50 UTC
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Country: Germany
ID128990 TitleNeed Magento 1.9 Consulting for creating tourism database
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