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Convert Flash client to HTML 5, needs to interact with Visual Basic server Open

I tried a free auto conversion program that converts Flash to HTML 5, but it only translated the visuals of the Flash, and not the underlying Javascript and Action script for talking to a Visual Basic server needed to get my program fully functioning to play a card game.

Also two other changes are needed. Currently the "ad code" is outside the continuous loop.   The ad plays once at the beginning, and then, when it was working, the game could be played as many times as you want in one sitting, and no new ads show up.   I would like the ad code placed "inside the loop", so that each game run could bring up an ad, not just the first game.

The other thing is if HTML 5 is like Flash, where it's human-unreadable and undeditable code without a translator, I'd like a few different versions with different ad codes for different places.   If it doesn't need to be translated, then mark the place for us to add different ad codes.

If the ad code cannot be looped, make it so the the game ends on each run and disable the new game button and you have to restart the game.

Posted On: September 15, 2017 04:30 UTC
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ID128850 TitleConvert Flash client to HTML 5, needs to interact with Visual Basic server
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