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Conversion Tracking Setup Closed

Hello, I need help setting up conversion tracking on Wordpress for Analytcis and Adwords.  I have an immediate need, but would also like to have a permanent go-to for future situation and to set up more advanced tracking.   

The first major situation I have is setting up ecommerce conversion tracking for a Cloud Cart66 store using PayPal in a Wordpress site.  I need to have it pass all the revenue information back to Analytics and Adwords also.  There are also three or four additional domains that are set up to attract and sell different online products that end up sending visitors back to the  main site for the transaction, so we need to be able to track activity generated from those sites too.  

I also have several instances of needing to track forms better.  I am having a hard time finding a form that retains referral data throughout the entire visit so when we download the entries, we see the Adwords gclid.  

I would also eventually like to set up funnels, track video watches, track mobile phone calls, swipes, etc.

Posted On: August 13, 2017 12:50 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: Analytics, Ecommerce Platform Development, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, JavaScript, WordPress
Country: United States
ID102945 TitleConversion Tracking Setup
TypeHourly Budget$2-$5
Is PrivateNo Created On10 months ago