Is Only For Freelancers


Hi. I have been using for 3 years now. We grow from a small team to 70. We got 50% of our business from and met lot of good clients here. But since last weeks we started feeling bad about it. Even though allow agencies but its mainly focused and designed to accommodate individual freelancers.

Last week when I was introducing our company to a client, I said " We are company and we are professionals". The client angrily replied "Then what are you doing on". I felt so bad and humiliated.

Why all such platform are so much focused on freelancers?

Why there is no platform for companies and large teams?

Why companies has to compete with individuals?

Why freelancers issue you warning when you share contact details? Isn't details required for KYC?

Why are we paying 5-15% commission on projects and still cannot communicate freely with clients.

Why most disputes are won by clients?

Why freelancers can revert payments from your account even without alarming you?

So I decided to start a platform and remove these limitations. An exclusive platform for Agencies and Companies. No Monthly Fee, No Commission. No restrictions.

Sorry freelancers, you still have to deal with